What are the Different Applications of Crushers in the Various Industries?

It may not seem like it, but crushers can be used in various industries besides for construction.

What are the Different Applications of Crushers in the Various Industries


Crushers are extremely useful in the Quarrying industry. After a rock is degraded to a manageable size using explosives, crushers can reduce the stone’s size even further for specific uses.


By using crushers, recycling companies can recycle inner waste instead of dumping them into the landfills.

Aggregates, specifically gravel, sand, and asphalt can be re-used.

This method not only protects the environment by lessening the waste, but also provide materials that could be used for future projects.


The initial materials broken down by crushers in the mining industry are Iron ore. Iron ores are strong and tough to process, which is why heavy duty crushers are used to get the job done.


Demolition jobs produce rubble and other scraps from the former structure, and instead of throwing those pieces at the landfills, they are broken down by crushers. These broken down rubbles are utilized again for future projects.

Depending on the rubble’s hardness, a Jaw, Cone, and Impact Crushers are usually used.  

Food Processing

This industry specifically utilizes a rotary type of crushers due to its capability to mix and churn a large quantity of soft to medium-hard food products. By using a crusher, food products like vegetables, ice, candy, bones, pretzels, pasta, spices and chocolate blocks can be processed even at a volume of 3,500 cubic feet.

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